2020 Christmas Parade Entry Form

This year's Christmas Parade will be a reverse parade!

We are pleased to announce that the annual Christmas Parade will proceed in a reverse format with the theme "Hometown Christmas" to take on the added meaning in 2020 when many people will decide to avoid travel at Christmastime AND take on the Buena Vista spirit of resiliency!

Parade floats and vehicles will be parked along Magnolia Avenue beginning at 7 PM, while cars drive past to view them.
Float and vehicle line-up will begin at 6 PM.

Floats and vehicles will be lined up on Magnolia Avenue along the right hand side. Spectator cars will drive down the left hand side to view entries, so only one side of your float will be seen; decorate accordingly! LIGHTS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.


Thanks for your interest in participating in Buena Vista's Annual Christmas Parade! Please fill out the form below.
*ENTRY DEADLINE: Sunday, December 1st*

Once submitted, you'll receive a call or email the week of the parade with your lineup number. Parade kicks off at 7PM on Thursday, December 5th. Lineup starts at 6PM.

Rules and Guidelines

1. Visible material displayed on entries must be representative of a holiday theme.

2. Music should represent the holiday or the theme of the entry.

3. REMEMBER: All entries MUST make some effort to decorate to the theme of the 2020 parade:  Hometown Christmas - Covered in lights. This includes vehicle entries such as antique cars or trucks.

4. For safety reasons, all instructions of both the parade marshals and the Buena Vista Police Department must be obeyed.

5. Animals, marching bands, walkers, and performing groups may not be suitable this year but it is up to you as you see safe and comfortable. CDC and Governor's guidelines for gathering must be followed even with parade entries.

6. NOTHING MAY BE DISTRIBUTED DURING THE PARADE - this includes candy and flyers. (COVID-19 precaution)

7. Please be mindful of the pace of the parade and keep it going in a timely manner.

8. Entries that do not comply with the above guidelines may be disqualified from the parade at the starting lineup..

9. Stand and sit on elevated elements of your float at your own risk.

10. Beginning at 6 PM, floats can come down Magnolia from the PMMS end by 23rd street then proceed downtown. You will be lined up in order of arrival beginning at 17th street; there will not be assigned spots.
11. Folks viewing the parade will drive down the left lane of Main Street. You should decorate your float so it can be viewed from the left. No spectators will be allowed on the right side of the sidewalk to view the parade. 
12. All entries must remain in their spot until given the word to leave. No “on and off” is allowed during the parade.  At the end of the parade, all entries must remove their vehicle from Main Street before dismantling vehicle decorations.

13. We reserve the right to refuse any entry for any reason.

Questions? Call the park office: 540-261-7321. Thanks!