General Order for the General District Court for the City of Buena Vista

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It is hereby ORDERED by presiding Judge Christopher B. Russel, that due to the state of Judicial Emergency declared by Chief Justice Lemons of the Supreme Court of Virginia on March 16, 2020, this Court will not accept any civil filings until April 6, 2020. This is further subject to any extension made by the Chief Justice pursuant to the … Read More

Rockbridge, Lexington and Buena Vista Declare Local State of Emergency

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NEWS RELEASE For immediate release – March 17, 2020 Rockbridge, Lexington and Buena Vista Declare Local State of Emergency Lexington, VA – Rockbridge County, the City of Lexington and the City of Buena Vista have joined others localities in the region and state in declaring a Local Emergency in response to the threat to public health and safety associated with … Read More

Be Counted!

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What is the Census? As mandated by the U.S. Constitution, the census is a once every-decade count of everyone living in the country. Knowing how many people live in a community better equips organizations and businesses to evaluate the services and programs needed, such as clinics, schools, and roads. It also determines how seats in Congress are distributed among the … Read More

COVID-19 – Update for Rockbridge, Lexington and Buena Vista

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For immediate release – Saturday, March 14, 2020 Contact: Virginia Department of Health (877) 275-8343 <877-ASK-VDH3> COVID-19 – Update for Rockbridge, Lexington and Buena Vista. Local Emergency Management officials continue to actively monitor the public health concerns related to COVID-19. Recent local developments include: There are currently no confirmed COVID-19 cases in Rockbridge, Lexington and Buena Vista. The closest confirmed … Read More

COVID-19 – Potential Impacts for Rockbridge County and the Cities of Buena Vista and Lexington

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For immediate release – COVID-19 – Potential Impacts for Rockbridge County and the Cities of Buena Vista and Lexington. Contact:   Virginia Department of Health (877) 275-8343 <877-ASK-VDH3> Local Emergency Management officials are actively monitoring the public health concerns related to COVID-19. We are dynamically preparing at the levels recommended by the Center for Disease Control and the Virginia Department of Health. We will also … Read More

Cemetery Notice

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In preparation for the upcoming mowing season, Green Hill Cemetery is requesting that all flowers and accessories be removed from the graves by March 22, 2020. All remaining items will be removed and disposed. The guidelines during the mowing season for holidays state that flowers and other display items should be placed on the stone or monument only and may … Read More

Buena Vista Accepting Applications for City Manager

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Buena Vista, an independent City of approximately 6,400 citizens, is in the midst of an economic revitalization and is looking for a new City Manager with the strategic vision, energy, and leadership necessary to accelerate and advance this revitalization.   The City is looking for an experienced, goal-oriented, and data-driven individual with strong interpersonal and leadership skills.  The City Manager must … Read More

What is an Opportunity Zone?

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Opportunity Zones are census tracts generally composed of economically distressed communities that qualify for the Opportunity Zone designation according to criteria outlined in 2017’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Since the passage of the law, Opportunity Zones have been designated in all 50 states in the US, the District of Columbia, and five US possessions (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto … Read More

VA 811 – Dig with CARE


Utility operators maintain the underground pipes and wires that serve your home. Part of their maintenance program is to mark their lines whenever someone places a “notice” or “ticket” with the Virginia 811 center. Utility operators mark any underground line that is directly in the way of construction, or even near it. If your lawn is marked and you didn’t know about it, then either your neighbors are planning some work, a utility operator is planning maintenance or repair, or the Virginia Department of Transportation, or your Town, City, or County is planning excavation work.