Planning & Zoning Updates

Current Initiatives

The September 8th Planning Commission meeting will be hybrid--Commissioners and the public may attend in person, at City Hall, or via Zoom. Details can be found in the packet.

Planning Commission

Long Range Planning

Buena Vista routinely conducts long-range planning efforts to define its future and the future of the region. These plans touch every aspect of land use, infrastructure, transportation, economic development, and other areas of life.

The most important long-range plan is the City’s Comprehensive Plan. It thoroughly analyzes the state of the City and expresses the vision for the City, and it drives zoning, capital projects, and future development. The Comprehensive Plan, Viewpoints, was adopted in 2012. During 2017, this plan will be reviewed and updated; please contact the Office of Planning and Zoning for more information.

Viewpoints 2012 Comprehensive Plan

Beginning in 2018, the City will create neighborhood plans for each area of the City. These plans will be developed working closely with residents over multiple meetings and will address the strengths and challenges particular to that neighborhood. Please contact the Department of Planning & Community Development for more information.

The following is a list of other recent plans for Buena Vista and the region.

2017 Rockbridge Area Outdoor Recreation Plan

The Economic Impact of Bicycling in the Central Shenandoah Valley, 2016. Cycling is increasingly important locally as well as nationally as a form of outdoor recreation. Some residents also cycle to get to work or everyday activities. This report looks at who is bicycling and how much money they spend.

City of Buena Vista Tree Plan, 2016. This plan assessed the street trees downtown and made recommendations for their replacement.