Josh Elrod, Commonwealth's AttorneyThe goal of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is to promote public safety and public trust in our justice system by seeking accountability for criminal offenders, by providing comfort and support to victims of crime and by working to uphold and enforce the Rule of Law and its equal application to all.

Joshua Elrod serves the City of Buena Vista as Commonwealth's Attorney . The Office is a part of the department of law enforcement and is responsible for the prosecution of violations of the criminal law occurring in our City. In addition, the office handles a variety of other public safety responsibilities ranging from training and advice to police officers to helping victims cope with the consequences of crime.

Our office consists of a Commonwealth’s Attorney, a Victim/Witness Director and an Administrative Assistant. We prosecute several hundred felony cases and dozens of domestic assault, DUI and other public safety misdemeanor crimes every year.

Michele Clark is the Victim/Witness Director. Her direct number is 261-2523 and her email is The Victim/Witness Assistance Program.  The program is 100% grant-funded from VA. Dept. of Criminal Justice Services to provide services to victims of crime in Buena Vista and witnesses subpoenaed by the Commonwealth to appear in court in criminal cases.

Please contact the Victim/Witness Program if you …

  • Have questions regarding your case or role as a witness;
  • Would like an explanation of court procedures or a tour of the courtroom before you testify;
  • Would like someone to escort you to court;
  • Would like to meet with the Commonwealth’s Attorney;
  • Have personal property that is being held as evidence

Or if you…

  • Want information about qualifying for compensation for personal injuries or counseling;
  • Are not receiving restitution payments that were ordered by the court;
  • Would like assistance in preparing a Victim Impact Statement for the court to consider at a sentencing event;
  • Need to notify us of a change of address or telephone number;
  • Need referrals to other agencies, for example, Project Horizon and its shelter and support services for victims of sexual and domestic violence;
  • Just need someone to talk to