Buena Vista Receives State Community Business Launch Grant

Kristina RamseyCBDG Related, News

Buena Vista has been awarded a $45,000 grant to support business startups and expansion through the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)’s Community Business Launch (CBL) program. The City is partnering with The Advancement Foundation to run The Gauntlet business program and competition, which is a proven 10-week education and networking program culminating in a “pitch competition” for the best business plan, with all participating businesses receiving an award ranging from development support to business funding. Last year the Vinton-based Advancement Foundation hosted a pilot of The Gauntlet in the Rockbridge-region and saw solid participation from strong local businesses, with two Buena Vista businesses entering and receiving awards. The CBL funding will allow a greater focus on downtown Buena Vista and more direct support for participating businesses.

More information on Gauntlet in Rockbridge this year: https://www.buenavistava.org/gauntlet-program-returns-to-rockbridge-area/

More general information on The Gauntlet: https://www.TheAdvancementFoundation.org/the-gauntlet