City Council Approves Zoning Fee Revision

Kristina RamseyNews

City Council approved last week a new zoning fee schedule that streamlines and lowers fees for many permit types. Common permits such as new business zoning verification, new home construction, and commercial construction are now lower, making it even easier to start a business or build in Buena Vista. Find the Planning and Zoning Fee table below or by downloading the PDF here.

Most Common Permits

Zoning VerificationPermit certifying that a proposed use is permitted at a specified location$10
Zoning Construction PermitPermit certifying that proposed building construction complies with zoning regulations$30
Sign PermitPermit to erect or modify a sign, to include Certificate of Appropriateness if applicable$30
Site Plan ReviewReview by staff and/or Planning Commission of site plan for most non-residential and multifamily projects. Tiers based on the total project’s land disturbance.
Tier 1 >1,000 square feet
Tier 2 < 1,000 square feet
Tier 1 $300
Tier 2 $100
Conditional Use PermitApplication for a conditional use, to be approved by Planning Commission and City Council$300
Certificate of AppropriatenessCOA for most construction activity within the Seminary Hill Historic District.$100
Rezoning ApplicationZoning map amendment$325+$25 per acre or portion thereof
Subdivision Plat or PUD Plan of Development$100 +$25/lot
Short Term Rental (STR) Registration$30

Most Common Permits

Zoning Modification/Subdivision ExceptionIssuance of a Modification of provisions of zoning regulations by ZA (in accordance with state law), or an exception to subdivision regulations, in accordance with law$30
Variance ApplicationApplication for Variance from zoning requirements, in accordance with state law$300
Zoning AppealAppeal of determination of Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission$300
Amendment to ProffersAmendments to items proffered by developer at time of development approval$300
Changes to Approved Site Plan/ResubmittalSubstantive changes to a site plan after it has been approved by staff and/or Planning Commission$30
Vacation of Public Right of Way (Street/Alley)Application for the City to vacate a portion of its right-of-way and sell to adjacent property owner.$30
Approval of plat, boundary adjustment, or line vacationVarious functions of planner in approving plats and surveys.$0/no fee
Bond/Letter of Credit Release$30

Maps & GIS Files

Printed MapsAny color, up to 11” x 17”, fewer than 20 sheets per requestor per yea$0/no fee
Printed MapsAny color, up to 11” x 17”, greater than 20 sheets per requestor per year$0.50 per sheet
Printed Comprehensive Plan$20
Digital GIS Shapefile – Existing layer/coverageExisting layer or coverage that does not require edits or changes to features or attributes$0/no fee
Digital GIS Shapefile – Creation of new layer/coverageCreation of new layer or coverage, or delivery that requires edits or changes to features or attributes of existing layer or coverage$50/shapefile