City Council Honors Modine Manufacturing’s 60th Anniversary

Kristina RamseyNews

At the May 18, 2023 City Council Meeting, members of City Council adopted a proclamation recognizing and celebrating the 60th anniversary of Modine Manufacturing Company’s Buena Vista operations. See the proclamation below.

Honoring Modine Manufacturing Company’s 60th Anniversary of its Buena Vista Location

WHEREAS, The City of Buena Vista is proud to celebrate Modine Manufacturing Company on the occasion of its sixtieth anniversary in Buena Vista; and,

WHEREAS, Modine was incorporated in 1916 by its founder Arthur Modine, who led the company to become a worldwide leader in thermal management; and,

WHEREAS, Modine expanded its operations into Buena Vista in 1963, building its reputation through its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community involvement; and,

WHEREAS, Modine has survived challenges brought on by environmental disasters, economic downturns, increasing regulations, and a continually changing business environment while providing services and leadership to its customers; and,

WHEREAS,  Modine has undertaken three expansion projects, producing over 2.6 million gas fired units over the last sixty years and gaining 46% market share in the United States; and,

WHEREAS, Modine serves as the leading employer in Buena Vista, currently employing 315; and,

WHEREAS, Modine could not have accomplished this without its world-class employees and their shared dedication to excellence; and,

WHEREAS, Modine’s continued success is a testament to their hard work and dedication; and,

WHEREAS, Modine will continue to serve as a leading corporate citizen in our community as an exemplary employer and corporate leader for generations to come.

NOW, THEREFORE, WE, The City Council of the City of Buena Vista, hereby recognizes and celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of Modine Manufacturing Company and extend our gratitude for their contributions to our city and its residents.

Signed: Mayor William Fitzgerald