City Seeking Individuals to Fill Board Openings

Kristina RamseyNews

The City of Buena Vista is seeking dedicated and involved citizens to serve on various boards and committees. There are openings on the following:

  • The Board of Zoning Appeals: Two (2) five (5) year terms
  • The Rockbridge Area Community Service Board: One (1) three (3) year term AND one (1) two (2) year term
  • The Rockbridge Disability Service Board: One (1) four (4) year term
  • The Planning Commission: Two (2) four (4) year terms
  • Rockbridge Area Recreation Organization (RARO): One (1) four (4) year term AND one (1) two (2) year term.

If you are a citizen of Buena Vista and would be interested in serving on any of these boards/committees, please fill out this Application and contact Dawn Wheeler at (540) 261-8601.