We all have to work together and meet certain basic standards to maintain a safe, healthy, prosperous, and attractive community. This is the goal of the City’s zoning, building code, and nuisance regulations. When the City becomes aware of a violation, we work with property owners to address the issue and strive to be reasonable.

Common Environmental & Nuisance Violations

  • Inoperable Vehicles – Vehicles which cannot operate on public streets
  • Overgrown Grass – Weeds and tall grass
  • Solid Waste – All property shall be free of solid waste, trash, and debris
  • Unsafe or vacant structures—Vacant buildings must be secured and maintained
  • Stagnant water

If you would like to report an issue, please use the online form found here.

To read the environmental nuisance ordinance for the City of Buena Vista, click here.

More information on zoning and building codes can be found on the Planning and Zoning page.