Rockbridge Trails Club Continues Great Work at Glen Maury Park

Kristina RamseyNews

The Rockbridge Trails Club has been hard at work since Summer 2019 at Glen Maury Park clearing old trails and creating new ones.

So far this year, the club has completed a beginners loop starting from the multi-use pavilion and a trail connection the Pawpaw trail up to the double decker pavilion.

Currently, the club is working on a trail that starts at the upper campground, drops down the Maury River, parallels the river upstream to the existing “Boy Scout” trail leading to the picnic area, and ultimately back to the campground. The club recently completed the section from the campground to the river. This required four switchbacks and bench cutting on some super steep sidehill. The club plans to soon complete the riverside section to the “Boy Scout” trail.

Lastly, with the flush of new growth brought on by the recent rains, the club has spent several hours string trimming most of the trails and chainsawing several trees that came down due to saturated soil.

David Rosher with the club says “It’s a great time to come out and ride, walk, or run the trails. They’re all in great shape.”

If you would like to join the club in cleaning and creating new trails, contact David at The club regularly holds work sessions on Monday afternoons, roughly between 1 P.M. and 5 P.M.

George starting work on the new trail back in April
Lot’s of benching required!
First descent down the new trail down to the West Bank floodwall
Athena leads the way on a freshly string trimmed trail under some power lines.