Maury Express Service Update

Kristina RamseyNews


For Immediate Release

The Maury Express transportation system will return to operation on June 10th, 2020, operating on a schedule that runs 8 am to 6pm Monday through Thursday. Per VDRPT guidelines, we can only transport three passengers at a time. Per executive order 63 (2020) of the commonwealth of Virginia. All patrons of public transportation shall be required to wear a face covering to use the services. This order will be in place for radar services effective 5/29/2020 at 0500 hours. Changes will be made to this order per the commonwealth of Virginia. If you have an underlying medical condition which prevents you from wearing a mask, please advise your operator of this and/or dispatcher when scheduling your trips so that it may be noted. You will not be denied service if you are (medically) unable to wear a mask.

For the safety of our operators and passengers, the operators will continue disinfecting and sanitizing the vehicles during their morning vehicle inspection, as well as spot cleaning throughout the day as time permits. We ask that passengers continue to help practice social distancing by spacing out on the vehicle.

Any changes to service level will be distributed by normal means (Facebook, tv, radio, etc.). We will continue to closely monitor the ongoing developments and safety information related to the coronavirus (covid-19).

For more information, please contact Joseph Baker, Director of Regional Transit, RADAR at (800) 964-5707 Ext. 125 or visit RADAR’s website –