Scheduled RANA Fiber Optic Network Maintenance

Kristina RamseyNews

Notice from the Rockbridge Area Network Authority

June 12, 2020

As a valued Service Provider on RANA’s fiber optic network, you are notified that RANAwill open a maintenance window for an emergency repair to the network beginningMonday June 29th at 8pm continuing until Tuesday June 30th at 8am. This is themaintenance that was originally scheduled for late May but had to be rescheduled.

This repair will only impact a limited number of customers whose service is connected on the fiber network route between the city of Buena Vista, Va., and RANA’s Richard A Peterson Data Center in Lexington, Va.

During this maintenance window there will be a service interruption for some customers on this route. Specifically, customers patched onto the Buena Vista network route at RANA’s Data Center in Lexington, Va. will experience a service outage at some point during this maintenance window. Customers with service patched onto the backbone via the fiber cabinet located in the city of Buena Vista are less likely to experience a service outage during this maintenance window.

We apologize for any inconvenience this interruption may cause. Questions can be addressed to or call 540.464.9990.