City to Have Public Hearing to Revise Sign Ordinance

Kristina RamseyNews


Revised Sign Ordinance

The City of Buena Vista will hold a public hearing at its January Planning Commission meeting for an entirely new sign ordinance. The new sign regulations will simplify and clarify how signs are regulated, and reduce the types of signs that require a sign permit. Additionally, the changes will make the City compliant with sign regulation case law over the last twenty years.

“We need easier sign rules that are appropriate for Buena Vista,” said Tom Roberts, Director of Community and Economic Development. “Current rules are needlessly complex, and in my opinion, we do not have a problem with unsightly or incompatible signage here. The goal is to make this simpler for businesses and residents and for City staff.”

Business owners and others from the public are encourage to review the text and staff reports, which can be found here: Feedback or questions can be submitted via email to or during the public hearing, which will be hybrid in-person/Zoom on Tuesday, January 12th 2021 at 7:00 PM.

The new text, which was based on the Virginia Local Government Attorneys’ Association model sign code, was drafted by City intern Timothy Mack and Director Tom Roberts. Planning Commission reviewed the text over the course of several meetings in late 2019 and early 2020, but progress was delayed due to Covid-19.

Also at the January 12th meeting the Commission will hear comment on a zoning text amendment addressing street frontage requirements for new development and private streets.