PATROL: Officers on patrol are responsible for responding to any and all calls for service.  These officers provide proactive enforcement and are also responsible for setting and attending Circuit & General District court, etc.

SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS (SWAT): This specialized group consists of two (2) Buena Vista officers along with officers from Lexington and Rockbridge County who have been trained to respond to high-risk inci­dents.  These incidents are out of the ordinary and may include high-risk warrant service, bomb threats, terrorist attacks, barricaded suspects, etc.

SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER: The department provides one full-time SRO. Officer David Ramsey is always available to students, parents, faculty, and staff of the Buena Vista School System.

INVESTIGATIONS: Major crimes are investigated by Investigator J.W. Miller to include: identity theft, fraud, embezzlement, child abuse, sexual assault and battery cases and all cases where officers have made efforts and extended all resources but have not been able to solve.

CANINE PROGRAM: The department currently has one (1) Bloodhound Canine Dog, Blue.  These canines are trained in  tracking,  

BIKE PATROL: This program allows officers who have been trained in bike patrol to patrol special events in downtown or the park using police equipped bikes.  This program allows us to enhance our community policing involvement.

PROJECT LIFESAVER: This is a program that allows the department to use radio wave transmissions to track those individuals with a tendency to wander, i.e. elderly and individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, Autism or traumatic brain injuries, etc.

PREVENTION PROGRAMS: Officers respond to requests from area schools, civic organizations, church, and specialty groups to provide discus­sions on pre-prom safety, driver’s education, career day, student welcome talks, bullying, identity theft, neighborhood safety, gang related issues and numerous prevention and general safety concerns.