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Special Event Permit Application

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If different from above. This contact MUST be present through the duration of the event.

Event Summary

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(examples: fundraiser, festival, block party, birthday party, race, etc.)
Please describe in detail the purpose of the event, activities during the event, and any other relevant information.
Please provide a breakdown of expected size of the event. Please include a total for volunteers and staff, vendors (if applicable), and estimated attendees.
If yes, Virginia Department of Health (VDH) requires the submission of an application for a temporary food permit when food will be prepared or served at an event. Permits are also required to serve or provide samples from any open containers, whether items are sold or offered at no cost. Contact VDH at (540) 332-7380. If a vendor has a mobile vendor permit through VDH , then a permit is not required. Approval of this event is contingent on proper state permits/licenses.
Alcohol may only be served with a license from Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). Contact ABC for more information at (804) 213-4400.
Amusement devices may only be used with inspection and permit from the City of Buena Vista Building Official. If you plan to have carnival rides, bounce houses, or anything of the like, contact Alan McMahan at (540) 261-8635 or

Resources Needed

Please check all that apply.
Please describe the time needed and location for each physical resource requested. If you require staffed traffic control, you MUST also submit a site plan. If none of the above is selected, please put N/A.
All events serving alcohol will be required to have security during the duration of the event. Number of security officers will be dependent on size and location of event at the discretion of the SERP. Please see information frequently asked questions to see if your event requires security.


Please upload all documents as applicable.
All events requiring physical resources MUST upload a mapped site plan with each resource location mapped out. Please see frequently asked questions for more information
All events requiring a site plan will require insurance. See above for more information.

Applicant Certification

Application fee must be submittedTreasurer's Office is located at 2039 Sycamore Ave., Buena Vista, VA 24416.