Looking for the perfect location for that special occasion? 

Find a list of available facilities and rental shelters below. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact Kristina Ramsey at kristina.ramsey@bvcity.org

Pavilions and Shelters

  • double decker
  • Double Decker 2
Double Decker Pavilion
Rental Fee:  $300/day
  • Multipurpose1
  • multi2
  • multipurpose interir
  • multipurpose stage
Multi-Purpose Pavilion
Rental Fee: $300/day
  • Skate Rink
  • Skate Rink
  • Skate Rink
Oyler Pavilion
Rental Fee:  $100/day
Shelter 1
Rental Fee:  $100/day
Shelter 2
Rental Fee: $100/day
  • shelter 5
Shelter 5
Rental Fee:  $100/day
  • shelter 6
Shelter 6
Rental Fee: $100/day

Other Locations

Town Square
Rental Fee:  $50 base rate per day (rate may be higher depending on required resources)
Downtown Streets
(20th through 22nd of Magnolia Avenue)

Sports Facilities

  • field
Camden Field
  • field
Laurel Park

  • field
Buddy Secrist Athletic Field 
  • field
Soccer Field